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Be better at being better.

LifeworX does life coaching, trauma counselling, motivational talks, interactive workshops and tennis.


No matter what issues you are facing, as a professional life coach I will ensure you stay on track to the right destination. I will act as your gateway to great relationships, self-confidence and a happy life. I have two fundamental principles: we look forward, not back, and we get the job done –we don’t agonize through months, or years, of counselling, guidance and feel good chats. We are going to break down the barriers you have set up for yourself and get to know the authentic you. I will help you establish what you want out of your life, and then help you set goals and more importantly, put a plan in place to achieve those goals.


Trauma is, unfortunately, very much a part of life. The death of a loved one, divorce, rape, hijacking, being robbed etc. – these are all major life changes that trigger feelings of shock, grief, fear, to name but a few. We will work through these feelings and, using a “forward thinking” counselling approach, we’ll work towards moving you on to a place where you find healing and closure and can face life positively again. If you are feeling disorganized, tired, have trouble concentrating, sleep poorly and have vivid dreams, and experience a change in appetite, please contact me to discuss how I can help you.


“Nothing is impossible – the word itself says “I’m possible!” – Audrey Hepburn. I truly believe these are words to live by – but life can sometimes beat us down, everyday stress and pressure eats away at our motivation and drive, and we’re left feeling withered and exhausted. It’s during these times that we could all do with a little “pep talk”. By infusing my humour, energy and passion for life into each motivational talk I give, I aim to encourage and inspire my listeners, to reinvigorate their belief that anything is indeed possible.


Workshops are a great way to bring like-minded individuals – or people facing similar issues – into one room. Immediately, you have the feeling that you are not alone with your issue; guaranteed somebody out there has experienced a similar issue or event in their lives.


I started doing weddings when one of my clients approached me to officiate their wedding, and without any hesitation I said yes. I only realized what I had agreed to when I had time to let it all sink in, but it was an amazing experience! Since then, two more couples have approached me for their weddings and we are very excited! Contact me if you are interested in having me for your special day!












"My name is Anita Giovannoni and I have a passion for life and I believe in grabbing all that life has to offer with both hands. I dedicate myself to supporting people to achieve their full potential."

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