A Teen Losing Their Mind

By Guest · July 15, 2017 · True Stories · 2 min read

A guy hitching with his back to us.

LifeworX helps many teens with their struggle with life and its many questions.  We help bring clarity to the clouded mind and hope to the fragile heart.  This is written by one of our teens to help understand how teens minds are constantly working in the background.  If you feel that your teen needs some help or support please contact us on anita@lifeworx.co.za

In Chinese culture, we firmly believe in the concept of Ying and Yang. This concept simply means that there is some good within evil and visa versa or light within dark and dark within the light. It means that one cannot live without the other and that creates balance within the world.

I have always felt in CONTROL. Control allows me to feel a false sense of balance on the inside. I crave control and yet I find it ironic that I do not even have the strength to control myself or what I think or feel. I know that I cannot control the uncontrollable. I suppose the reason for this obsession is because I’m looking for balance and stability. I am a Gemini which means that there are two halves to my one. Within my soul, my mind and my body there is Ying and Yang.

My two halves cannot live without the other and some of my positive side is infected by my negative side and vice versa. I feel as if they are constantly fighting for control. Control over my emotions, my actions and my perception. I am constantly at war with my other half. I feel that recently my negative side is slowly penetrating my positive side.

This causes an imbalance within, as the scale tips to the negative side, my optimism is diminished and I slip into the dark side on my mind. The part of your mind that you have burnt, buried and barricaded against the rest of your body.

These days I find that that darkness is infesting my mind and slowly shrouding me in the dark. I feel utterly alone, abandoned and unwanted. I feel as if I’m slowly losing my mind…

If you have anyone who is feeling like this, the best thing to do is offer them your support.  Given them a safe space to talk and make sure that they know they can come to you at any time for anything.  Let them feel that you will do your best to understand them and help them. If you feel you need some help please send an email to info@lifeworx.co.za


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