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By LifeworX · May 26, 2019 · Life Coaching · 3 min read

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So what do you do when you need to escape from things, get away from it all, you want to concentrate only on yourself?? In our fast moving world, when things are getting too hectic, your world seems to be squeezing you too tight, things are getting out of hand, you just want to scream and get away from it all – what do you do? – where do you go?

I suppose like everything in life, this all depends on your character, your habits, your likes, and dislikes.  A friend of mine likes to withdraw into her room and draw or paint.  Another of my friends will go and play her piano for ages. That is not really possible for me as I seriously lack that skill!  Someone else might want to hang out with friends and be around people to take their mind off what is going on?

It does not even need to be an escape at all.  It could just be a balancing out of your day. Every day we all you have duties, chores and responsibilities.  These do not only pertain to you personally but are also evident in your work-life as well as your family life? In amongst all of these chores you want to fulfill every day, do you take time out for yourself? Do you have a “me time”? Does this happen daily or only when things are too chaotic and you need to escape?

Your own personal quiet time could recharge your batteries, give you a chance to catch up with yourself and let you think through worrying things, or, even more basic, just get you to stand still, stop doing for a moment and just be a human being that does not have to be a human doing for a short time.  

These moments could allow you the chance to breathe, take in things, think about positives and negatives and get you just to find back to your true self and let you move on more focused. 

Have you found a place or even a time when you are most likely to get the most out of your quiet time?

A few years ago, I got up half an hour earlier to just write in a journal every day – this got me to jot down thoughts that sprang into my mind the moment I woke up without distractions. These were things that obviously occupied my mind and often I was able to put down things in a new light when I hadn’t been thinking about them.  It made me feel grounded and got me to a fresh place to start the day from.  It definitely took the effort to get up early every day, but was worth it for a time for me.  Then life got hectic again and I let this habit lag.  

At the moment, my quiet time is early in the morning, before I set out on my daily exercise, I sit in my garden enjoying a cup of tea and the peace and quiet, but also the new opportunities that the new day brings with it.  I do have to admit this is only possible in the summer months…..

If you are not a morning person, this is possibly not good for you?  So what is it that you think you need to feed your soul? Is it a quiet time even at night? Have you even thought about having a quiet time?

To me, quiet time, time for yourself, just you adjusting to your life is important to finding balance.  At different stages of life, you will definitely need different things, so adapt to what you need and make your quiet time happen – it will definitely help you get better at being better.  

Have you found your quiet time yet?

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