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By LifeworX · April 7, 2020 · Motivation · 1 min read

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In times like these or any time for that matter, it is important that we stick to a routine, a regime, good habits to stay focused.  In our current situation, it is quite easy to get complacent as our ’normal’ life has been turned upside down.  And complacency is one of the worst places to be. 

Although we have been put on hold and the big universal pause button has been pushed, we still need to be consistent and get on with our lives as best as we can. 

This whole thing is out of our control and we are not sure when it will end.  There is still a lot that we can control:  our thoughts, our actions, the things we watch, the things we read, the things we occupy our minds with and the people we choose to interact with via all our electronic options.  We have to carry on living to be able to get out of this at the other end.  

1.  What are you doing about staying focused? 

2.  What are you doing to make a difference in your life and to others around you?

3.  How are you coping with the restrictions?

4.  What are you doing differently now to what you used to do?

5.  What has taken you by surprise?

6.  Have there been positive aspects that you have encountered?

In trauma, which is what we are all in right now, our lives are out of our control, there is one question that will help make sense of it all, but finding the answer to this question is really tough.  So I will leave you with this question and when you find your answer please share it on our Lifeworx Facebook page:  

Here is the question:     Find one good reason why this happened.......... (to you)?


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