Things I've Learnt in Life.

By Guest · June 16, 2017 · Life Coaching

Girl with hoody at beach.

I have been life coaching this 17-year old for the past year and a half and I asked her to make a note of the things she has learned.  When I read them and realised that if we all learn these lessons we would handle things so much better. I love learning from the people around me.  No matter what their age they teach me things about life, things about myself and things that I can only hope others can learn. My advice is always to pay it forward when you learn something new no matter how small you may think it is - it may be huge for someone else. 

Things she has learnt recently:

  1. I learnt to listen to what people tell me about myself because they notice things about me that I don't. 
  2. When I hear something about someone that I should go ask them the truth about what I’ve heard instead of believing the bullshit people try to spread.
  3.  I can’t fix everything and I shouldn’t blame myself for other people’s problems.
  4. This sounds really stupid, but I learnt that no matter how hard I try it can’t change the past, and being upset about the past is just wasting time. 
  5. It’s okay to ask for help.
  6. Life rewards effort so I have to try in order to succeed.
  7. I learnt that being alone scares me and that I'm not the only person who has felt/ is feeling this way. 
  8. I can only rely on myself for my happiness and I shouldn’t rely on other people. 
  9. That living life to the fullest depends a lot on the decisions I make in my daily life.
  10. I need to surround myself with people who support and care for me.

It is amazing when I look back and think that this youngster was lost before taking a good look at life and herself.  Now she has a few life tools to help her understand what it is that confuses her.  Her life is a little clearer.  She has also realised that the decisions are hers to make and that will help her figure out why things turn out the way they do. I am so proud of her for taking this step in the right direction and I admire her for what she has overcome.