Action a Sticky Situation

By LifeworX · Jan. 10, 2017 · Life Coaching · 3 min read

Two girls in a room. One standing with back to the other with files in hand. Picture taken in an office. Looks like the woman with her back to the other has just lost her job.

In different kinds of relationships, whether familiar, friendly, or romantic, it is a given fact that at one point or another, you will be confronted with sticky situations. Learn the best way to action your sticky situation.

Some may be bad at handling it, and hence, they end up being stuck with the unfortunate circumstances. For others, however, they choose to action it. They are more proactive on how they can possibly deal with the sticky situations they encounter in their life. In this case, if you do not know how to deal with various sticky situations, keep on reading, and we will provide you with practical advice on some of the best things that you can do, which will allow you to show a more positive attitude in spite of the tough and awkward situation.

Be Open About It

If the sticky situation is at work, such as having a boss who easily loses his temper, it is important to be open about the problem. Find the perfect time to talk about it, such as when you are alone with your boss rather than raising the problem in an awkward situation, such as during a meeting where there may be other people around.

Control your Emotions: Your attitude in handling a sticky situation will say a lot about who you are. With this, it is important to take control of your emotions. Avoid exhibiting extreme anger as this can only make the situation worse. Learn how to suppress your anger. When you go crazily mad about the situation, it can have a domino effect, and this can only make things worse.

Find a Reason to be Appreciative

A co-worker might say that your work is inferior. A friend might say that you are fat. A random stranger might criticize you for the way you look. In these sticky situations, the best thing that you should do is to just be positive and show gratitude. Be thankful for what they say and consider such not as a means of feeling down, but as an inspiration to improve. Maybe, just maybe, they are actually saying the right things. Their honesty might be harsh, but such can be a good way to improve.

Ask for Support

You are at a party, and you are stuck with the one person you secretly don't like much. You think that person is annoying, and you do not want to say it straight to his face. To get out of such a sticky situation, gather support from friends. Find a way to be in the same circle with others who you like talking to. In this way, you will not show off a rude attitude. Rather than just leaving the person at the middle of nowhere, try to make the situation more tolerable by having others.

So really it is about your attitude and how you allow things to get to you or NOT! You are your own best teacher and you really do know how you should react. Don’t forget the tips on THINK, FEEL, ACT. If you get this sequence right you will almost always get out of that sticky tricky situation.

Live in the moment.


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