Self Expression Through Sport

By LifeworX · July 15, 2017 · Motivation · 2 min read

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Every sport has its own rhythm – its own movement and energy that connects you to others and to your inner self. Finding the right sport for you is about tapping into that rhythm and finding the beat that is right for you.

When you express yourself through your chosen sport, you release stress, unwanted negativity and clear your head. Everyone needs to find the right sport so that they are able to do all of that.

Whether you participate in a team sport or an individual sport, you will find that you have your own style. This personal style will help you identify with aspects of yourself that you enjoy, and can help you find ways of acting out and making known your thoughts and feelings. It is a way of engaging with others and finding your own cause and effect.

We are forever striving to be a part of something. Sport gives that to us. Whether it is dancing, tennis or a team sport such as soccer, you will always feel a part of something. There are so many options available to us today that it is hard to imagine people not participating in some form of recreation.

Sport too is an expression of freedom, where we get to be creative, which often allows us to behave from the inside out. It is a place where we can express values, beliefs, ideals and attitudes. It is a place where we get to measure our ability and be tested in ways we never imagined.

By learning to express yourself through sport you gain confidence and experience which will lead to showing yourself to others. It is important to show yourself more clearly than you think. Actions do speak louder than words.

Sport is valuable as it builds character and helps with social skills; such as teamwork, co-operation and leadership. It is also a personal skills builder where self-discipline and work ethic are huge benefits. Not always an easy lesson to learn, but a very important one, is learning to cope with disappointment, which is a part of life, and sport can prepare us for this.

So go out there and find that rhythm of life and expression. Find that sport that suits you and enjoy being a part of the bigger picture.

Live Life Love Life, and be X-tra ordinary.


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