Do You Need Courage in Your Life?

By LifeworX · Jan. 10, 2017 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

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Many people think that courage in their life is an unusual act of bravery, but it is far more than that. Do you believe that courage is something that certain special people display in times of great danger?

Of course, I agree. But, I also think that courage needs to be an everyday fact of life if we are going to use more of our potential and become all that we can be. In fact, I believe that courage precedes all positive change. Courage is the magic key that opens the door to the full experience of life. It is getting you out of your comfort zone and pushing you CourageCheck this out into new situations and circumstances. Just doing that in its self takes courage.

A lovely thing said to me today by a very patient young man, “sometimes you need to break something to know how to fix it”. 

Of course, no courage is needed if you refuse to take any risks. But, if you don’t risk anything, the truth you must eventually face is that you are actually risking everything! You see, people who react to life from a state of fear instead of courage are stressed out and uncertain, lost in a dark cloud of doubt and worry. They are terrified of change when change is what is happening all the time. Not all change is bad.

Often the closing of one door opens another. At times it is change that makes space for other things to take place. Being brave and having the courage to take the next step is one way to know whether or not you are moving in a new direction.

A lovely thing said to me today by a very patient young man, “sometimes you need to break something to know how to fix it”. 

Courage is an absolute necessity if you are going to succeed, regardless of setbacks and the chance of failure. But it is also what it takes to smile when life is hard, and what allows you to stand your ground when others want to put you down. You see, courage fills up your life with power and it empowers others as well.

Would you like to have more courage? Well then, picture how you would behave if you already had it, and begin to act accordingly. You are stronger than you believe you are!

Get out there and try things you always wanted to try. Get your confidence to a level that allows you to do more, say more and be more. You need to remember if you have good intentions then what could possibly go wrong. Take action!


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