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Constant guilt pops up ever so often. It is how we handle this feeling that really depends on the reason it popped up in the first place. Instead of trying to ignore it, listen and pay attention. It may be telling you something!

Do you know what is making you feel guilty?

How long have you been feeling this way?

What feelings do you experience when you feel guilty?

How do you react to these feelings?

Do find yourself justifying these feelings?

Do feel that you allow others to contribute to your feelings of guilt?

How do think you can manage feelings of constant guilt?

Feeling guilty usually comes with a sense of shame, fear, sadness and anxiety etc.

Do you think it would be possible to look at guilt with a more positive outlook?

Use one example of when you felt guilty and give both the negative feel?

I want you to look at guilt as something that makes you feel and think about a situation in a way that is constructive and proactive.

Can you understand that guilt could be a driving force to fix?

Not everyone deals with guilt in a constructive way. The attitude and approach that you take is vital to you overcoming unnecessary hurt.

How much of your guilt is what you feel you have to carry around as a burden into your life?

Would it make more sense to be more logical about the way we feel and try to manage it from that point of view?

Do you think that feeling guilty is because of the way we handle our emotions?

Woman and men deal with guilt differently as do people in general. Some of us deal with it and allow it to teach us a lesson and others tend to dwell on it for many years. This way of thinking and feeling could cause ill health, bitterness and resentment. It is important to understand when feelings of guilt surface. Dealing with them quickly and sufficiently is so very very important. Learning life tools is one way of handling this difficult dynamic of life.

What emotions do you want and feel you need to work on?

Are other people continuously reminding you of your guilt?

“Guilt has a positive intention – it wants you to do better or to simply just do more.”

Acting constructively by setting goals. 

Defined boundaries.

Awareness of emotions.

Doing this can help you shift the emotions you are feeling into a plan of action that will make you proud of yourself.

There is no doubt that we will encounter situations which will leave us feeling confused and guilty.

It is so important to learn to deal with guilt in a way that is more manageable. So in life coaching we try to find ways that make sense and are possible just so long as you are willing to help make these changes.

Remember: there are things that you cannot change and you must know and understand that there are things that you can change and you need to know yourself well enough to know what it is you can change and most importantly you need to know the difference between the two.

Write down things that make you feel guilty.

Make a note of the ones that make you feel your worst.

Ask yourself why you feel that way.

Try to find the negative intention it presents to you.

Then find the positive intention it possibly could have for you.

Think about practical ways to satisfy the positive intent. 


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