Consistently Comfortable.

By LifeworX · July 16, 2018 · Life Coaching · 3 min read

A couch.

This is a great opportunity to share the benefits of being consistent in every way. It is LifeworX' 109th edition of newsletters. That, for us, is a huge celebration because for the past 112 weeks we have shared 3 blogs with our readers and supporters. This makes a total of 327 blogs.

This has become something that makes us strive to improve. We are always searching for ways to inspire, influence or impact the readers who diligently read our blogs every week.

In the hope that we are reaching the right people is what makes us continue to do what we do. Three years ago this journey began and like anything in life with diligence and determination we kept trying to capture an audience who would like what we do and need or simply enjoy the stories we share.

I am always asking friends and clients to share their stories because someone out there will be touched by something in one way or another. There have been many shares of addiction by very courageous people who have poured their hearts out onto a page in the hope that we are more understanding of the others that suffer from addiction. And, oh boy there are so many kinds of addiction. Somewhere along your life’s journey if you haven’t encountered an addict or you don’t think it will ever happen in your lifetime, remember where to come and read to try and understand the situation a little better. No one is without an addict in their lives, it could be a family member or colleague that you need to understand. Perhaps you just want to help someone, but you are not exactly sure how to go about that. Our blogs are true-life stories and shares and there is always something to learn.

We have positively tried to balance out the advice and the stories and hope that you have enjoyed the journey you have been on with us. We would love you to comment or engage with us in any way so we know that we are on the right track with the topics we choose to post.

If there is anything you feel we are missing, please communicate that to us. We are also wanting to increase our readership and it would be great if you could encourage your friends, family and colleagues to subscribe on our site. It is free and easy, so help us out if you feel you could add value to someone else life by receiving our Monday morning newsletters.

So we will keep it coming and enjoy the feedback we receive.

Here is a piece of code for one of our competitions starting July. You will have to collect 10 pieces of code and you will go into a draw for an incredible goodie bag. You can collect the code with clues in our blogs so yes, everyone you will have to read a few to know where we are heading. If you share the blog with its hashtag on Facebook, your name will pop up and we can measure your interactions with us. In the next newsletter, we will have a variety of the prizes. So depending on the interest and the number of people engaged, we will decide on the value of the prize.

The first piece of code is #LifeworX


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