My Next Step

By LifeworX · Oct. 20, 2018 · Motivation

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I know my next step, how about you? I think if I can say this “I have always lived in the future and had an idea of my next step”.  How about you?

For me, it has been my driving force for everything I have ever really done.  Always having one foot in the future has given me hope and direction.  I must be honest, it hasn’t always worked out, but it has always given me direction and purpose.  There have been my fair amounts or mistakes, mess-ups, and wrong decisions. 

Looking back I would not have changed anything, because I am happy now and the past is how I got me to my now.  Making mistakes and getting things wrong made me realize is part of my life lessons.  Often a wrong turn has turned out to be a good thing anyway.  It often takes time to realize these things, if you just give them enough time to sink in.  It is good not to always beat yourself up over spilt milk, because life is full of lessons and if you always got things right what lessons would there have been?

The only thing I have come to realise about living in the future is that I don’t often stop and enjoy the present moments I am in.  With age has come more acceptance and that has enabled me to slow down a bit and enjoy the moments I am in.  

So my next step is in clear sight and I have a plan.  If life decides to take a detour, at least I have something to cling on to.  I don’t want to get blind-sided by life and wake up when it is too late and there was too much wasted time and no planning.  I want to be in control of my life as much as I can be, this way there is less possible blame put on others and or on circumstances. 

My best advice to anyone who never plans or plans too much is to find the balance between knowing what your next step is and never knowing what it is. Firstly, it is important to realize which type of person you are.  Finding this balance can be tricky, but with everything you do in life, balance is key. If you feel like you never had the key to balance or that you have lost it, there is always a way to come back from that.

I will give you a few tips that may take the anxiety out of your imbalance for you.  Get a pen and get writing your goals down, but before you do that, check out some of these tips.

  • Write down your goals.  Having them circling in your head is not good enough. Put them down on paper.
  • Get information and as much of it as you can with regards to what it is you are wanting and needing.  Knowledge is key.  Being overwhelmed is usually a game stopper and you will be put off if you don’t know enough about it.
  • Talk to friends, colleagues, and family. Obviously, you won’t always hear what you want, but sometimes that will motivate you or challenge you.  
  • Often we go against what we hear from others and that is sometimes not a bad thing.  
  • When you have gathered enough info you will know that you are not going blindly into something.
  • Use your gut feel, intuition is real and a great way to feel if something is right or wrong for you.
  • Don’t live in fear of messing up, because unless you give something a go you won't know will you, and isn’t that part of life?
  • Be curious and challenge yourself.  A lot of what we don’t know can be learnt and taught to us. Never stop wanting to know more about life and how far you can push yourself.

There are so many more tips, but I reckon if you try these few, you will be well on your way to knowing that you create your next step and that your life is on track.  Take that chance to be able to say “you did it” and you are happy because you were not held back by the demon in your head saying you can’t, because I know you can.

Take that next step and the next and the next.  It is the only way you move forward and don’t allow yourself to face the wrong direction.  Fear is real and you will feel in control when you squash that with your next planned step.

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